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Youth Programs
- Junior Chef program starts on July 10th. Location: Shiloh Baptist Church 340 Rev. S. Howard Woodson, Jr., Way, Trenton, NJ 08618. Time: Monday - Wednesday from 1:00 to 4:00p.m.
- Shiloh CDC Freedom School starts on June 27th - click here to sign up as a read-a-loud-guest (coming soon). Program located at the College of New Jersey Campus.
Freedom School Culmination – August 3, 2017, at 6:00 p.m. Location: Shiloh Baptist Church

- Shiloh CDC Freedom School FriendRaiser – July 19, 2017. Cost: $5 per person and $25 per family. Time: 6 pm Location: Shiloh Baptist Church

Health Programs

NJCEED Free Cancer Screenings - Click here to view the flyer.

Career and Financial Literacy

Past Events

- Trenton Junior Chefs @ Princeton Farminary BBQ

Princeton Farminary - The Farminary Project at Princeton Seminary integrates theological education with small-scale sustainable agriculture in the conviction that the skills and character vital to faithful Christian leadership must be formed in direct relationship with God's good creation. Located at the seminary's 21-acre farm, this project is a garden of innovation and an incubator for leadership. For more information, visit -

The Greenwood Ave. Farmers Market is a one-of-a-kind market that's proud to provide Trenton, New Jersey with Healthy Foods & Health Screenings! Working together with NJ Local Farmers, and area small businesses to bring healthy food access to the community! Mondays 1 - 6 pm, June - October 23rd. (SNAP/EBT/WIC/FMNP accepted).  For more information, visit -

Trenton Junior Chefs Program was founded in 2015 by Shiloh Community Development Corporation in the City of Trenton. This program was created to promote unity, health/wellness, and academic excellence via entrepreneurship, and culinary arts. Our junior chefs are ServSafe Certified in food sanitation and trained to prepare international cuisines. The Trenton Junior Chef Programs serves all communities in Mercer and neighboring counties.

On July 26, 2017, the Trenton Junior Chefs used produce from the Farminary and the Greenwood Farmer's market to prepare delicious farm-to-table cuisines. The dress code was casual or business casual. Children were allowed.

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- Financial Literacy Workshop

Thank you to all of our golfers and sponsors! Our annual golf outing was a great success! Click the link to enjoy some photos from the event.

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We had tons of fun as many families in the community joined together for an evening of enjoyment and awareness. Click here to see the event flyer.


"Clergy members encouraged voter registration, promoted dental health, and gave away hundreds of backpacks filled with school supplies during the annual Back 2 School Fest at Shiloh Baptist Church."

Click here to read the Trentonian article.
Click here to view the flyer.


Overall, it was an awesome experience and a total success. Lives were impacted and bellies were filled. Please take the time to check out a few choice words below about the event from Darren "Freedom" Green. Thanks!

Click here for a photo gallery of the event.

The event was a showcase to allow the Parents, Community and Young Minds themselves to see their work and progress. 2 programs were highlighted and saluted that run through the CDC. The Culinary Arts program taught the Young Minds to shop, prepare and cook their own meals. Last night they prepared and served 3 meals, Soul Food, Caribbean, and Italian. There were 3 stations and the food was fabulous and they served the parents and community. There was also an acknowledgment and salute of the Coding Program which taught the Young Minds coding and computer programming. Both programs were taught and facilitated through Shiloh and Shiloh CDC, which are 2 independent sources of force and power moving as one organization for one common cause and purpose. We are now working to develop the Culinary Program into a Catering Business which can serve others events while they become self-sufficient as a business. We are being intentional with our programs now to move people from social services to social justice. In doing so they become strong and inspire those watching and around them to do the same.


We also had the State Police do a presentation. After what occurred in Dallas and Baton Rouge we are now being intentional with our outreach with law enforcement. Every event we do or put on we want them present and having a presence. We are doing things with one action. One, we are exposing the young minds to the careers of law enforcement and all that this entails. They can now be the change agents that are needed. Second, we remove the barrier that is in place historically between law enforcement and Black and Brown communities. We remove the fear by removing the disconnect and in doing g so we acknowledge and get to know one another. That lays the groundwork for respect and once that’s in place you don’t hurt or disrespect what you have respect for. Moving this city forward one block, one community at a time.


Darren “ Freedom” Green