The Lenora M. Green Freedom School Of Trenton PROGRAM

The Lenora M. Green Freedom School Of Trenton, which is a national program of the Children's Defense Fund based in Washington, DC, provides summer academic and cultural enrichment activities that help children fall in love with reading, increases their self-esteem, and generates more positive attitudes toward learning. The Shiloh CDC operates the longest-functioning Freedom School in the state of New Jersey. The primary program of the The Lenora M. Green Freedom School Of Trenton is a 6-week, free summer camp experience for student-scholars residing in the Greater Trenton community. The focus of the program is cultural awareness and enrichment coupled with literacy development.

The program was inspired by the "Freedom Summer" effort which was a major campaign of the Civil Rights Movement led by the late Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and other social activists like Marian Wright Edelman, the first black woman to be barred in the state of Mississippi.

In addition to the summer camp experience, the Trenton Freedom School also endeavors to provide year-round academic tracking for students to help them foster interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math outside of the traditional school setting, and to encourage them to continue with advanced courses while in High School. Students will have additional access to Job Readiness, Resume Writing, Team Building and College Prep Workshops.

Children are taught using a model curriculum that supports children and families around five essential components:
• High-quality academic enrichment
• Parent and family involvement
• Civic engagement and social action 
• Inter-generational leadership development
• Nutrition, health, and mental health


Gary Taylor, Program Director

The Lenora M. Green Freedom School Of Trenton

Enrolling students currently in grades K - 8
Enrollment for this program is FREE
For more questions, please call - 609-392-0034

Enrollment is OPEN for 2024


The Lenora M. Green Freedom School Of Trenton's Servant Leader Interns

For Servant Leader Interns:

Enrollment for this position for Freedom School 2024 is now closed.
APPLICATIONS ARE Closed - for any questions, EMAIL Gary Taylor -

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This list was created to supply 80 deserving children from Trenton, NJ with the materials they need to have a successful summer at the Shiloh CDC Freedom School. Our program is presented through the Shiloh Community Development Corporation, a non-profit in Trenton, NJ, and the Children's Defense Fund. We serve summer programming to our participating families for their elementary and middle school aged children and focus on reading skills, conflict resolution skills, and social action. Our goal is to give our students the summer experiences they might not otherwise have due to inability to afford other programs. Any and every donation is appreciated and will be put to good use!

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