According to a study conducted by the Trenton Health Team in 2013, there are several challenges that impact the Trenton community:

1) OBESITY/HEALTHY LIFESTYLES – Nearly half of the city’s children - even those as young as three to five years old – are obese.

2) CHRONIC DISEASE – Trenton residents have high rates of diabetes, hypertension and cancer. Sixteen percent of the city’s residents were diabetic in 2009. Heart disease and cancer are two of the three leading causes of death in Mercer County. Unmanaged chronic illness leads to acute, costly, avoidable emergencies; 

3) HEALTH LITERACY AND DISPARITIES– Obstacles to building health knowledge and communicating about health affect many aspects of care. For example, many foreign-born residents struggle to a different healthcare system in a different country.  Thirty five percent of the Trenton city residents are of Hispanic descent and may have language barriers which impact their ability to get quality health care and information.  Additional factors impacting health outcomes in the city:  HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C ; Teen pregnancy and poor birth outcomes; Sexually transmitted diseases; Lead poisoning; and Asthma.

The Family Wellness Club encourages its members to set and meet life goals. Many of our families set health, child-wellness, and financial goals. 


The Family Club coordinate free activities and events every month. We are also encouraging families to plan their own wellness activities. Please visit our event calendar throughout the year for upcoming family-centered events.

Fall events will be announced soon.

Our partnering organizations Include:

A Better Way
Bellevue Avenue Civic Assoc. (BACA)
Children’s Future
Shiloh Baptist Church
Shiloh CDC
Rutherford Heights Civic Assoc.
W. Hanover Civic Assoc.
Mercer Street Friends
Trenton Board of Education
Mercer Council
NJ Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs

For more information, please contact:
p: 609.392.0034